Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Super Eagles' Flight to South Africa ... A Mirage?

Following the supposed defeat of the Super Eagles of
Nigeria at the World/Nations Cup qualifying match to the
Carthage Eagles, Nigerians have been condemning the
players, the coaches and the Nigerian Football
The stadium was filled to capacity, no thanks to the
fans who travelled from the nooks and crannies of the
nation to cheer the Super Eagles. Most Nigerian fans
turned into an irate mob, the coaches metamorphosed into
objects of ridicule, and the players became potential
scapegoats. Some fans were arrested around the stadium
when they were caught throwing water sachets, broken
bottles and stones at the players in the Marcopolo bus
used to convey them to their hotel.
With the situation of things on ground, the Tunisians
have to lose either of their last two matches while we
must win our last two matches to qualify for the World
Cup. However, I still believe the Super Eagles can
qualify. Not because I wish the Tunisians defeat but
because I believe either of their last two opponents may
hold them to ransom. That may put them under the
dreadful axe of the head-to-head rule of FIFA under
which Nigeria is crawling.
Some of the questions that have been asked so far are as
1. Why did the Super Eagles resume late for the camp?
2. Why can't we get a foreign coach/technical adviser
for the team?
3. Why can't we get another set of Super Eagles,
preferably, the home-based team?
4. Why can't the Nigerian Football Federation officials
resign immediately?
5. Why did the majority of the Super Eagles play as if
there was nothing at stake during the match?
Your suggestions on the way forward for the Super Eagles
and the Nigerian Football Federation are highly welcome

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